The Rules Of Engagement

🚫 First Commandment: Thou shalt not take pills that rhyme with Niagara. They will only frustrate your Coach and/or cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 
 ✅ Do call me “Reina” during our meeting, but not if you see me in public. Discretion goes both ways. Imagine if I called you “My Lil Jackhammer” while you’re out with your wife. 
🚫 NCNS any time = Blocked + Blacklisted 
 ✅ Do honor your appointments. I’m punctual, reliable, and never flake. Please keep your word. 
 🚫 Do not negotiate 
 ✅ Read my website entirely before contact. 
 🚫 Providing fake name or burner/app phone hoping I won’t check = blocked
 ✅ Play SAFE RBGFE. I block & BL unsafe clients.
 ❌ I DO NOT CONSENT TO VIDEOS OR PICS. Blackmail will not be tolerated. If I discover ANY hidden recording devices, I will depart with my full envelope/consideration. 
 ✅ Prepare for our Consultation as you would for a special date in your personal life. I arrive groomed, freshly showered, with brushed teeth. Do reciprocate. That means if you used the restroom for #1 or #2 at any point AFTER your shower “this morning” and it’s now 9pm, you need another shower, Bob... in the shower stall, not the sink.🙄
 ✅ Count and prepare my tribute on the bathroom counter before I arrive so I may verify the amount and check for counterfeits in private. Tribute is due before lessons commence
🚫 Avoid handing the tribute directly into my hands. For legal reasons, never discuss $. Simply state your desired Consultation Package via email. If it’s our first meeting, deduct your deposit from the total. 
 ✅ Your kindness brings out the best in me. A chivalrous client with a sense of humor will be spoiled like a king/queen.
 🚫 Bad hygiene, entitlement, or rudeness towards others will cause your Coach to rush your Swing Analysis. 
 ✅ Be yourself. Share what makes you tick and give me a glimpse of the real you. I’ll be more impressed by how much your dogs love you than I’ll ever be about the private jet you partially own. 
🚫 No buddies! I only consent to meet the named and screened singular client or couple whose name is on my booking form.
 ✅ Couples: The Mrs must initiate contact to ensure her enthusiastic participation. I enhance marriages, I don’t wreck them. 

Most Important Rule Of All:  

🚫 No Detroit Red Wings fans allowed. Buahahaha!

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