I’m Newbie Friendly!
Simply read my website thoroughly before sending the following:

☑️ Your own REAL name. I only consent to meeting the named person/married couple requesting a Consultation with me. Inquiries that provide fake names or other fake info will be deleted. This is a hard boundary as my safety depends on verifiable data and abusers/rapists have difficulty abiding by rules, laws, and clear instructions.

Why do I need real names? I check for police records. ANY history of violence, assault, restraining order violations, rape, drunken disorderly, or theft/robbery will fail screening.

According to the FBI, there are 25-50 unidentified murderers/serial killers in the United States at any given time and only 60% of murder cases are solved. I screen so I won’t be alone in a room with one of them.

I don’t save sensitive info after we’ve successfully completed a Consultation. My email is encrypted and offshore, beyond US jurisdiction. If you’re concerned about data privacy leaks or breaches, perhaps reconsider your gmail/yahoo/hotmail/aol email addresses and use of unsecured wifi. 

☑️ Real cell phone number registered under your name to verify that the name you provided for Step 1 is indeed yours. (No burners or Google Voice for screening purposes, please) 

I will NOT call your registered number until you give me expressed permission to do so. 

☑️ Which major hotel/casino on the Las Vegas Strip you’ll be staying at. For my safety, no motels or private residences. Private residences may have hidden cameras on private property without providing disclosures. Major hotels know it’s illegal to record inside rooms where privacy is expected. Since I don’t consent to being recorded at any time, hotels are the safer choice for meetings.

☑️ Clearly stated duration (Consultation Package), target date, and start time. Do not discuss $ or rates, please. Ever. The Consultation Packages are already listed on this website - on a fully dedicated page.

Once I receive all pertinent info, I’ll do my absolute best to accommodate your schedule.

If you don’t know when you’ll be in Vegas but would like to ensure a smooth booking process when you are in town, please get prescreened days, weeks, or even months in advance of your visit for short notice (24hrs) availability. Please do not wait until you’re already in Las Vegas to contact me as screening often takes 24-48 hrs.

I’d be more than happy to conduct the greater bulk of our communications over your “secret playtime” email address, Twitter DM, and/or text apps after your real info has been received and verified.

If you don’t have a secure/encrypted email address, I highly recommend

***** DO NOT MENTION ACTS IN EXCHANGE FOR CONSIDERATIONS OR TIPS. Do not ask for menus. PR0STITUTION IS ILLEGAL IN THE USA. Even after screening, I have no way of being absolutely sure you’re NOT Law Enforcement until we’ve completed our Consultation and I’m on my way home without getting pounced. In some states, LE officers are allowed to complete coitus before arrest. Reread that sentence. Even after passing screening, if YOU write or say anything incriminating before or during our consultation, I will assume the worst (that you’re LE) and immediately cease all communication without explanation. The rates are for my time only. *****

If this is our first private introduction and you are not a verified P411 member, your Consultation will be confirmed after I receive your $100 deposit. Future meetings require no deposits for the entire duration of our friendship... unless cancellations and rescheduling become habitual. 

P411 members are exempt from deposits. Not a member? Please consider my “Meet & Greet - In Public Only” Package which requires zero deposit. I promise to laugh at all of your jokes (not just the funny ones) and call you “handsome”... or “baby”... or “Adonis.” 

As you can see, I have listed 2 NO-DEPOSIT OPTIONS for those against deposits. If you still can’t comply, I wish you luck on Craigslist.

I’m professional, punctual, discreet, reliable, and never postpone or cancel. This is my livelihood. Please book Consultations you can actually commit to. 

I always respect your time. Please respect mine.

I look forward to handling your putter soon! ⛳️

A note for those concerned about Blackmail:

Blackmail without successful extortion is a Misdemeanor. Blackmail with successful extortion is a FELONY. Threats to expose derogatory information is also a FELONY.
Stop believing the myth that supplying your real name to a provider will lead to Blackmail — it doesn’t. 

I don’t need to ruin lives. I make considerably more $ making you fall hopelessly in love in person so you become my regular for the next 10-15 years, instead. 😘

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