Q: “Squirter?”

A: Like the freakin’ Bellagio!

However, YMMV and it only works with those who actually know what they’re doing. The walls inside the V is quite delicate and can only be entrusted to trained, experienced hedons. 😈

Q: “What do I get? What’s the menu? Acronyms? Looking for (inappropriate blah blah)?” 

 A: Due to FOSTA, CLOUD ACT, and countless witch hunts (aka police stings), I must immediately delete all inquiries that contain any variation of these questions. TIME is all that I can legally offer. Please keep all our correspondence as concise and PG-rated as possible. 

 Q: “Hiii, bby! U avail?” Sent at 2:30am 
 A: I’m sorry, but I only understand complete sentences written by adults during normal human hours. 

Q: *sends 20 emails in the span of 30 minutes* “Are you there? Hellllooooooo????”
A: I’m respectful, professional, and never interrupt those who currently have my full attention by replying to every notification on my phone. Just as you wouldn’t want me handling the next booking while you and I are together, please don’t expect me to disrespect the person (friends, family, or clients) I’m currently with by demanding immediate attention.

 Q: “Are you really the same girl in the pictures?” 
 A: Absolutely! There's a reason why all my images have obnoxiously large watermarks that can't easily be photoshopped or cropped out: I'm all too aware of pimps, directories, and agencies that steal photos, hoping you'll be too excited to care if a completely different lady shows up on your doorstep. All words and pictures on this website (and Twitter) are my own, often taken with my own phone and DSLR camera. Since my first dates take place in major Las Vegas Strip hotels that require presenting key cards to board the elevators, I usually have to meet clients in inconspicuous areas on the main casino floors or at the restaurant for our Dinner Date. 
This guarantees that I, Reina Celeste aka Celestial Rein, do not Bait & Switch. 

Rest assured, I do dress tastefully in timeless and elegant fashion.

 Q: “My buddies and I have party favors, little girl. Come out to play!” 

 A: No buddies and no thank you! 
I’m a drug-free, non-smoker with a lifelong addiction to cold, natural snow that costs about $150 per daily lift ticket to snort. I am 420 friendly where it’s legal, though. 

 Q: “Spurs suck. Golden Knights suck. Giants suck. Hockey sucks. KISS sucks.” 
 A: Something is wrong with you. Please, hire a therapist ASAP. 

 Q: “I've never done this before. I don't have references.” 
 A: I love newbies! With or without references, simply provide verifiable real life info on my form or via encrypted email. Once cleared, I would be honored to have this first dance (of many!) with you.💋