Q: “I'm too important to be screened. I'm very famous (insert unrecognizable 70’s actor's name) and/or manager at Office Depot. I want discretion!” 

 A: Discretion means I won't divulge your private info nor draw attention to the nature of our arrangement. Ever. It is about confidentiality. 

Those who avoid screening are either hiding their history of violence or intend to hurt ladies without fear of repercussions. If assaulted, burglarized, or worse, how far will "Donald Duck from CA" get me? 

 Being discreet does not mean I entertain anonymous folks. As I've heard it posited once, "You wouldn't give the keys to your house to a complete stranger without doing a background check, would you?"

 As a very petite 5’1” lady weighing 115 lbs, I can only grant time to gentlemen, women, and couples I can trust implicitly with my life and safety. 

I do happily sign NDAs for *current* and relevant professional athletes and entertainers. 

 Q: “Send me your unblurred pics so I know you're real.” 

 A: I literally blur only two pupils to prevent facial recognition software from connecting my face to this stigmatized industry. If eyeballs are deal-breakers for you but you think compromising my identity is not, I guarantee we won’t be compatible.  

Q: “How should we dispense with the pecuniary details?” 
 A: Please have the proper amount placed on the bathroom counter before I arrive so that I may count - and check for counterfeits - in private. If meeting for a Dinner Date, a gift bag or book is a stealthy way of transferring considerations in public.💋