Deposit & Cancellations

Deposit & Cancellations

✨FYI: Meet & Greet/Social Dates require no deposit. Private Consultations do.✨ P411 Members are also exempt from deposits (details below) ✨

A small $100 deposit (See Gifts & Deposit Options under FAQ) will be required from NEW clients in order to confirm our FIRST Private Consultation as screening (background checks) alone costs half that amount plus administrative labor. I do this to weed out pimps/agencies who are eliminating the competition for their harem or time wasters who book multiple ladies just for fun without any intention of actually compensating any of us for our time. Yes, it happens. A lot. Which is why deposits have become standard practice in the industry.

If you’re “against” deposits, my Meet & Greet Package is available. Please note, M&Gs are 100% in public.

✨ Verified P411 members with recent OKs (that are no more than 6 months old with active, living P411 providers) are exempt from deposits.✨

I only entertain ONE Consultation per week, with preference given to  extended engagements with my regulars. Time slots for low-volume Coaches are not easily replaced and I turn away other bookings to reserve your spot. It does not magically get replaced if you cancel with short notice.

Please note:

 👉 ONE cancellation before we meet for the first time = Timewaster will forfeit the $100 deposit. Re-booking will incur a much larger deposit as the precedent (i.e. the penchant for flaking) has obviously been established.
👉 TWO cancellations before we meet = Blocked + We will never meet
👉 No Call/No Show at any time = Blocked + Blacklisted + We will never meet

If I EVER cancel our confirmed date - which has NOT happened since I became a companion while Bush was still President - I will REFUND YOUR DEPOSIT and add a surprise gift during our rescheduled meeting that I’m sure you’ll appreciate: Double our time together. 

I value mutual respect for each other’s time above all else.

Thank you for understanding common human courtesy.