“Let’s Hang Out” SOCIAL TIME - Up to 3hrs

“Let’s Hang Out” SOCIAL TIME - Up to 3hrs



Meet & Greet - In Public Only NO DEPOSIT Platonic Consultation on the golf course, Top Golf, restaurant breakfast/lunch/dinner, a leisurely picnic at my favorite park, movie theater, Vegas show, concert, karaoke room, Escape Rooms, skating rink for hockey drills, or any public location of your choice near the Las Vegas Strip. Yes, screening is still mandatory, Ted Bundy. *** This is the only package that DOES NOT REQUIRE A DEPOSIT for nervous types who wish to confirm that I’m “real” first or simply want a positively charming companion to laugh heartily at your corny Dad jokes. Please present the donation in a gift bag upon meeting as envelopes changing hands in public attract unnecessary attention. Cannot be upgraded to Private Consultation on the same day/evening, but may qualify for short-notice Private Consultations thereafter, depending on chemistry and mutual respect. Not requiring a deposit for this package sometimes attracts those who intend to waste my time by not compensating me. Therefore, not honoring this booking will result in being permanently blocked. One strike, you’re out. Please book with care and consideration. Any attempt to negotiate will instantly incur a $2000 increase on top of my current rate, per incident. 💫Great Client Reward: $100 OFF for providing all the necessary screening information in your first introductory email. Thank you for not elevating my Cortisol levels.😘

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