2hr PRIVATE Lessons (Minimum)

2hr PRIVATE Lessons (Minimum)



Unable to perfect your form or find your ideal tempo? I will help you set and reach your goals with a heaping dose of passion... for golf. I’ll have your little balls sailing over 350 yards off the tee in no time! Your reward? Lots of 💋💋💋 I come to you. Major Las Vegas Strip Hotels only. To discourage No-Shows and fake bookings, a $100 Sin-cerity Deposit will be required from NEW clients only. Subsequent consultations require no deposits. 🌟 P411 members are exempt from deposits. However, verifiable RWI still required. No upselling. No tips required. Any attempt to negotiate will instantly incur a $2000 INCREASE on top of my current rate. Per occurrence. 🌟 Current P411 members: $100 OFF 💫Great Client Reward for NON-P411 Members: $100 OFF for providing ALL the necessary screening information (see “How To Book Me + FAQ) in your FIRST introductory email. Thank you for not elevating my Cortisol levels.😘 Example: $1000 Consultation fee - $100 P411 member $900 due when we meet Example 2: $1000 Consultation fee - $100 Newbie provides full screening in first email - $100 deposit sent via email to secure booking $800 due when we meet Example 3: $1000 Consultation fee + $2000 Attempts to negotiate (We negotiate up, not down) - $100 deposit $2900 due when we meet Don’t be Example 3. Example 3 will be pegged with a large strap-on. 😉

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