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🗻🎿⛷ Ski Vacation Bonus Incentives for 48Hr Packages 

$1000 OFF Ski Vacations that include spending at least one day (or two!) skiing together. Extra points for Mammoth or Alta/Bird/other Utah resorts! ❄️ *Most compatible with skiers/riders comfortable on any terrain (steeps, bowls, powder, off-piste, etc.)

Welcome and thank you for visiting CelestialRein.com. 

We’ve all hit a slump at least once in our lives, stifled by negative thoughts that adversely affect focus and performance. During these difficult times, you need specialized coaching and motivation to help you break through those barriers and reach your ultimate peak.

Celestial Rein provides personalized “Ski, Golf, Life Coaching Services” *wink, wink* in the privacy of your Las Vegas hotel room. I have over 10 years of experience to perfect your form and unleash your explosive, molten potential... all over my ample mounds and sweet bunker.

Let me help you through every phase of your journey, culminating in the perfect, breath-taking release. Each session is tailored to address specific concerns, such as reading between the lines and grasping my myriad of innuendos and cheeky golf puns.

I’ve helped men, women, and sexy couples revive their passion for primal, sweaty sports and reach their zenith successfully - yes, multiple times - in a safe, judgment-free environment. 

Allow me to reawaken and invigorate your spirit.

You’re gonna love getting caught in the Rein.

Your Celestial Coach, 

Reina Celeste

100% Independent • Exotic Asian/Latina • Mature MILF • No “Handler” • Non-smoker • Rx & Illicit Drug-free • Skin: Blank Canvas (I do love tats on others!) • Extremely low volume - 1 client per month • Kink/Peg/Foot Fetish-Friendly • Handicap/Disability Friendly • DFK • RBGFE • Petite 5’1” and 120 lbs • Clients between 30 to “70ish” aka 80 welcome!

SAFETY MATTERS: Latex-free & FC2 Stocked 
I value my own health, my clients’ sexual health, as well as those they come home to. Please, play responsibly. 💖

All Time Packages never require additional fees for the Mrs.

Currently active P411 members are exempt from deposits. Meet & Greet Public Dates are also exempt from deposits. Please see Consultation Rates.

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Please read my website and FAQ page entirely before contact. Live Chat also available (except when I’m skiing).